Rocky, the Recidivist

Inhumane conditions”, the TMZ article called it. ”Wretched food” and facilities with ”flung faeces”. With water unpotable and the stench of urine everywhere.

The digital gossip-rag out of Hollywood, TMZ, ran an article on the ninth of July, describing the horrific situation which the C-list American rapper A$AP Rocky had to suffer after he was arrested for slamming a young Swede onto the pavement. After which the rapper and his ”crew” proceeded to stomp the daylights out of the little nugget of a person. Self-defence, the article called it. The article went viral. Garnering support from a host of American performers, internet celebrities, and even government officials.

The publication must have been a great success for the gossip-mongerers at TMZ. Just a shame that the publication is filled with fraudulent insinuations, villainous slander, and outright lies. All from anonymous “sources”. Begging the question that no one involved in the publication understands either due process or the underpinnings of a judicial system.

None the less, supporters have been crawling out of the woodwork in support of the jailed rapper Rakim Mayers, aka. A$AP Rocky, aka. Lord Flacko. In twenty-four hours, over 470’000 people proved that they have no concept of law and order and signed a petition to free the arrested rapper. Spreading allegations about the Swedish legal system and societal structure that have sometimes crossed the ridiculous line of being compared to that of North Korea or China. Allegations that Rakim Mayers himself, advocated through his lawyer, has tried to distance himself from.

One would have thought that a nation that holds the world record of incarcerated people per capita, under armed guard no less, would understand the concepts of law and order a lot better. Meanwhile, in Sweden, most pundits, lawyers, and other legal experts, are left agape in awe of how foreign the concept of a legal system seems to be to so many Americans.

I don’t care if you like his music. I don’t care if you’re disappointed if Rocky won’t be finishing his tour because he got into trouble with the law. I don’t care if you can’t grasp the fundamentals of living with the consequences of your actions. And neither should the legal system, Swedish or otherwise. It shouldn’t be a court of public opinion. It is a court of law. And Rocky, a recidivist mind you with priors ranging from drug dealing to assault, seems very much guilty as he slam dunks and curb-stomps the alleged victim. It doesn’t matter if him and his entourage of seven hundred pounds of American beef had been harassed by a duo of some two hundred pounds of Swede-ish mutton. The video evidence clearly indicates that he did the deed. And Sweden doesn’t discriminate between offenders, letting the rich and wealthy walk out of their cells for a fee. No matter how ”famous” or ”talented” he may be. Because being fed up with annoying little shits is not the same as self defence.

A decent system of justice doesn’t care about public opinion. It doesn’t care about fame or fortune or disappointed fans who have purchased tickets to a cancelled show. It doesn’t even care whether or not I myself would relish the chance to pummel the odd gnat that came buzzing my way. It cares about whether you did The Bad or not. And as long as you don’t prefer a Mad Maxian world of anarchy, where law and order is as much a fairy tale as unicorns and pension plans, I suggest you shut the fuck up.

And if you want to argue that being locked up in a room larger than some student apartments, with IKEA furniture and cable access, is ”inhumane” and a human rights violation, all the while your own country is grappling with the fact that it’s running concentration camps for immigrants… then you’re being a lying, deceitful little taint-rash.

/Sebastian Lindberg 15/7-2019


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